Monday, March 30, 2015

b as in...

Hi everyone!

Here is a new letter from our upcoming abc- collection. B.
B as in better, brighter, beautiful, beloved. B as in bold and brave.

B as in bear. 
Have a great day, everyone! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The ABC-collection

Hello everyone!

Is your weather as great as ours? we have the very best of weathers these days: beautiful sunshine combined with cold, fresh air. it feels wonderful to be outside! i hope it will last for long and keep the springfeeling up. :)

As I am working on my new collection, I have little time for other things. But since it will take a while until i can officially launch it with all products set and done, I am making another project in the meantime: ABC-posters. The plan is to make one animal-poster per letter. For some letters i might feel more inspired to put a plant or a dish instead of an animal, let`s see. :)

We`re kickstarting with the letter P.
P as in parrot! :) (P som i papegoja)

For now it is available here.

Have a great day everyone!! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

peace! :)

Hello everyone and sorry for the long silence. 
in january my life changed pretty much as in the entrance of the turku hospital my second daughter was born. :)

as with my first child,i was again amazed by the little body, the tiny toes and hands and remembered how it was to hold a baby. 

so i have taken things a bit slower, trying to figure out how to do things with two kids, how to be there for both at the same time, how to introduce the little one to the "big" one without her to get jealous. 

luckily enough i am not alone with this and the great workinghours of my husband have allowed me to work as well. currently i am working on my new collection and could not be more excited. :)

on facebook and instagram you may find some sneak peeks. ;)

see u soon! :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

we`re in FAMILY LIVING!! :)

Hello everyone and things could not be better!

I have one favourite magazine that i am constantly waiting for. it`s called "family living" and is one of the newer interior magazines in sweden. it is always filled with great ideas, a lot of colours and beautiful family-homes. so you can understand how suprised and happy i was when i was turning the pages of their latest issue and all of a sudden saw my bear sitting on a chair!!

our bear in my favourite magazine!! i could not be more proud! <3

him and his friends are available here and here. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

unravelling 2015

Hello everyone!

This year is now 2 weeks old and i feel the need to talk about it. 2014 has been a very stressful, intense but also amazing year for me in every way. it was the year i founded mooncake and the year it started to grow. i am still thankful for all that has happened, since it sometimes still feels like a dream. <3 

year 2015 is gonna be very different from last year, with some new personal challenges that i might be able to talk about in a week or two. ;) despite looking forward to it, i am also a bit nervous. everything is going to change and i am insecure about how well i am going to handle it. 

what always seems to help me against scary thoughts is to write about it. therefore i am sooo happy that i stumbled over this free printable:

"unravelling the year ahead" is made by Susannah Conway and free available at to be honest i had never heard about her before or even thought that there could be such thing as a "book about the upcoming year", but once i stumbled over it on a blog i was reading, it caught me immediately.

in times of insecurity, when you don`t know what to expect the upcoming weeks or months, when you`re all anxious because you can`t plan ahead and all your body hurts, it can be great to have something to hold on to. and this is what i am doing with this booklet. 

i hope i could help someone with this hint. :)

have a great evening, everyone!! <3

Monday, January 5, 2015

Kickstarting 2015: we`re as trend 2015 in "allt i hemmet"! :)

Hello everybody!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mondays can be extremely boring or loaded with many tasks and negative feelings. In my case, this monday is not one of them. for one we have beautiful sunshine outside, with snowcovered fields and people walking their dogs in winterwonderland. 

And- the even better part- : we are in "allt i hemmet"s trend 2015-pages. This is great news and makes me very proud. "Allt i hemmet" is a big interior magazine in sweden and has existed since 1956. Luckily for me it is also sold in finland. :)

This has happily kickstarted my 2015! 
Rock on, everybody and keep up the good mood! ;)

Friday, January 2, 2015

All about Christmas and a Happy New Year ;)

Hello everyone and a happy new year!!!

Here i am, spamming you with pictures of this years christmas-and new years-celebrations. :)

We`ve had it pretty quiet for christmas, with only the three of us and my mother in law, but it has been nice and relaxing. on top of that it never gets boring with a child in the house. I actually really like christmas eave a lot more with little human than without. there actually is a sort of excitement in the air and you might just wanna start believing in santa claus again. ;)

 As you might have noticed by now, i am not much of a people-picture-poster, since i never am sure if everyone is comfortable with appearing on my blog, so i prefer to take pix of things and happenings around me. on the upper pic, you see my little missy. i somehow completely missed to take a picture with all the presents under the tree, probably because half of the presents were forgotten in the closet the first hour, and then "magically appeared" under the tree when the child was in the restroom ;).

Hello mr snowman!! :)

parts of the christmasfood <3 the napkin i am very much in love with. bought at "tiger". :)

One very cool thing about new years is: it is also our wedding anniversary. :) this year we were celebrating 2 years as husband and wife. i got roses, a beautiful cake saying " happy 2 year" ( :D ) and a box with products from bodyshop. some people think it is sad to have this anniversary at the same time as new years, since you miss out on one party during the year. but i think that it is a great thing to have fireworks on the wedding anniversary. how many people have that? :)

for new years we had full house as usual. My husbands uncle and his spouse came over from sweden and as a tradition we always invite our former neighbours and friends. it was a great night! :)

two different kinds of cheeeeeeeesecakes!!! <3

 the fishing-game seen underneeth got very popular!

 So now: A happy new year to all of you!!! may it bring happiness, love, joy, health and luck!! <3